Get Jolly With It: Increase Your Holiday Affiliate Traffic

The holidays are well known for some of the year’s biggest sales and best deals. It’s when eCommerce companies (among others) turn up their digital marketing heat to gain leads and hit Q4 goals.

Want a way to hit those high notes?

Run an affiliate program and offer special deals to make your numbers soar through referral traffic.

Case in point, The retailer did an excellent job Denmark Phone Number List of being agile, watching its affiliate partners closely in November, and making adjustments to its strategy come December to see success.

Let’s dive into exactly what the trendy brand did, and how you can replicate the same victory this holiday season with your own affiliate networks.

Online traffic > mall traffic

No one likes sitting in a traffic jam, especially during peak holiday shopping season. On the flip side, everyone loves watching those website visits shoot up.

Looking at’s marketing channels on Similarweb Competitive Analysis, we can see that the brand grew from 142,900 in November 2020 to 169,900 thousand in December 2020 in referral traffic, an 18.91% increase.


This is a prime example of how when you want to get more, you have to do more.

Instead of just sitting around and hoping for more traffic, proactively adjusted its strategy to see results.

But where is all that traffic coming from?

Traffic doesn’t just appear out of nowhere.

On its mission to lift sales, worked with 137 referring websites in November and jumped to 153 in December. The 16 extra partners proved rewarding, ultimately lending a helping hand to the increase in traffic.

But the big factor here is:

The difference saw solid numbers in November 2020 but lost out in November on, one of the biggest players in the affiliate space.

The marketing team at must have recognized that the coupon and rebate giant wasn’t getting enough of its attention.

Ultimately, was getting outperformed by competitors in the affiliate arena, so it had no choice. The retailer adjusted its strategy to add more products, deals, and coupons to entice customers on


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