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What trends are happening in your field and could your social Cyprus WhatsApp Number List media channels use a makeover? You can read more about it in the top 10 most popular Frankwatching articles of January. 1. Will Google Analytics be banned? We start with the news that the Dutch Data Protection Authority is investigating whether Google Analytics is in violation of Cyprus WhatsApp Number List the AVG (GDPR). A possible ban of this popular tool is causing a lot of controversy. We published 3 frequently read articles about it, which I would like to put together for this overview. After the news item, Wolter Tjeenk Willink will elaborate on the possible consequences if the use of Google Analytics is no longer allowed.

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And Nicolas Lierman argues in his column for daring and Cyprus WhatsApp Number List a different mindset among marketers. News: Will Google Analytics Be Banned? Google Analytics Cyprus WhatsApp Number List banne? These are the possible consequences Google Analytics takes a hit: is it time to abandon ship? Sinking ship Google Analytics. 2. Communication in 2022: it must be better and different [4 trends] In the past year, the pandemic has sparked a massive shift in values. What does that mean for the world of communication and marketing? Where will organizations be in the future? What does this trend mean for governments and the people who have to make and propagate policy? And what can communication professionals do themselves?

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Understanding is the key. How do you deal with all these different Cyprus WhatsApp Number List types and which approach works? All hands together that stands for teamwork. 10. Back to basics: 9 tips for structure in your text Comprehensible writing is more than writing Cyprus WhatsApp Number List simple words and short sentences. It is at least as important that you add structure to your texts. But how do you do that? In this article Marlous ten Berge shares 9 tips. structure in text This was the top 10 of January and thus the first of 2022! Are you curious about the most popular articles from other months? You will find it here . After much speculation and enthusiasm, the time had comewas launched in March 2020.

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