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Because the photos are going to become a photo and they didn’t. Notice one more thing in what I said. What does a photographer do  of a subject he says these stairs interest me he picks up the camera and at the same time the key element is to position himself opposite to put his body in a certain position in relation to the information he has. And then what does he decide What will fly out. Not what he will put inside. He said I want the stairs but if I will put the rock or if I will put the tiles I decide I take away from the world. Photography is abstraction and stillness. Cinema is flow and movement it is montage. I can make a movie upside down with another edit by putting one scene this way and the other that way. So these are the tools of expression that every artist has with them he creates the transformation if he creates it.

That is the world must understand that questions

If I come home and all I will say is the Liva dia Gorge it’s not a Color Correction Service photo it’s the  Gorge. DL I think it’s been covered but. Let me make a short break all that we have said so far to emphasize for. The viewer listener to hear is very difficult things. That is we touched very quickly things that are abstract. And they will be understood by anyone who listens to us over time. That is the world must understand that questions like the ones you asked me which necessarily have more abstract answers are not one and one make two they should not frighten the one who listens to them. They are questions to stimulate his thinking his doubts. DL The goal is to open the discussion not to close the discussion. PR Yes don’t stop pretending that these are hard to understand what is he telling me I don’t understand.

Color Correction

Well very good question and timely

The most serious things in life which concern people most deeply are CE Leads difficult to understand. He doesn’t understand it. Many times we talk about love we talk about religion absolutely incomprehensible things. But they preoccupy us nonetheless and art preoccupies us with the same abstracting power that love preoccupies us. DL With the same persistence. Why do we take pictures The common man. What is it trying to capture A moment A feeling A fact Imprison a memory To feel a little creative All of these together Is there something for which someone begins to photograph and even with an artistic claim so to speak Or possibly because of fashion possibly because of family acquaintances PR Well very good question and timely. It’s a question I challenge everyone to ask themselves.

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