Hidden strength ace debt is now! Emerging Markets Resurgent Corporate Debt Boosts

The financial market situation is changing rapidly. Recently, many signals have revealed that it is a good time to invest in corporate bonds in emerging markets! Especially in mature countries facing the risk of political volatility, the evaluation of sovereign bond markets is high, coupled with the boom in emerging markets, the average credit rating of corporate bonds has been rising year by year, and the default rate is low, prompting foreign capital to significantly increase corporate bonds in emerging markets and invest. This signal cannot be ignored.Emerging markets are like a jungle, containing many untapped investment potentials. Without keen insight and flexibility, it is difficult to seize the huge business opportunities. Investment should be like a tiger, moving forward with ease, not only need a strong team to back up, but also need to accurately capture the market trend in order to win in one fell swoop.


Xia Taiyun, manager of Fidelity Emerging Market

Potential Corporate Bond Qatar Phone Number Fund pointed out that because emerging markets have 3Rs (recovery growth, Return high-quality income, Rate benefited from interest rate cuts) gathered advantages, making emerging market corporate bonds like a tiger, and it is worthy of investors to deploy in a timely manner. Fidelity Emerging Market Potential Corporate Bond Fund  because of its 3A advantage, it is like a tiger stepping out, and it also needs the support of a strong team behind it , which can select emerging market corporate bonds with strong competitiveness and good financial health for investors, and is one of the preferred targets for stable and active investors.

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The 3R situation is resurgent, and corporate debt in emerging markets is even more powerful:

Xia Taiyun said that corporate bonds in emerging markets are growing quite fast, almost catching up with the US high-yield bond market. In the past 12 years, even in the face of events such as the global financial tsunami, the European debt crisis, and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the total market value of corporate bonds in emerging markets has bucked the trend and has grown nearly seven times, from $267 billion in 2004 to $267 billion in 2017. More than 1.8 trillion US dollars, diversified bond issuance industries, high liquidity, and higher yield to maturity than bonds of the same level in Europe and the United States are all advantages. (Source: Fidelity International, JP Morgan, 2017/2; 2017/5/12.)

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