How digital asset management can have a big impact on content marketing

Many companies producing great content at a consistent pace quickly run into trouble. With too much content, it looks like this dont know or remember everything they have inability to efficiently track content assets have trouble cooperating with others involved in the process not leveraging existing content for reuse join one of the hottest topics in content marketing this year digital asset management dam. Digital asset management is how a broad portfolio of content assets is managed, from how assets are annotated, cataloged and stored, to how they are acquired and distributed. Dam technology solutions automate many aspects of the process. This means teams can use and reuse content more efficiently while minimizing errors and inconsistencies.

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Mistake it for a simple superorganized filing system. When Nigeria Phone Number List set up properly, dam tools are less like card catalogs and more like dynamic storage and delivery systems. Dam tool is not a card catalog but a dynamic storage and delivery system says cmcphillips click to tweet dams often have to combine free and lowcost options dropbox, google drive, excel, etc. Into a stopgap solution. However, once you reach a certain scale, you need a system with enterprise value for both continued growth and increased efficiency. Related curated content the dam truth everything you need to know about digital asset management claims of dam software dam software offers more than storage. Automate tagging, storage and retrieval.

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Before choosing a DAM solution

Clients request articles, images, logos, or other content, the CE Leads software saves time by removing much of the manual. It strives. For example, the solution automatically tags content by year, topic, event, and content type whitepapers and blog posts, visual storytelling and analytics based on the taxonomy and system the company has in place. Can do. It takes seconds to search for a specific asset or collection of assets by date, type, topic or some combination. Also, dam tools impose a system on how assets are stored, so they force each member of the team to line up theyll be happy to cuddle when they see how efficiently the dam technology works . Logo acrolinxblacknewmarch2016thanks to on content connection 2016 this free virtual Conference brings together keynote speakers and cuttingedge brand giants like joe pulizzi.

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