How Do Native Ads Fit into Your Content Marketing Strategy?

Building content regardless of quality, does not necessarily build an audience. Former buzzfeed vice president Jonathan Perelman said “Content is king, but delivery is queen and she wears pants. Creating great content is not enough.” content is king, delivery is queen, and she wears pants, says perelman. Content Marketing click to tweet you need to think beyond the channels owned and earned in your content marketing program. Enter native advertising, one of the hottest trends in marketing today. But where exactly does native advertising fit in the larger context of your content marketing strategy it’s helpful to first consider some of the biggest challenges marketers face related to owned and acquired media. Curated relevant content the biggest content marketing trends of 2017 current landscape one truth is self-evident for content marketers. These days, traditional advertising just isn’t enough.

The role of natives in content marketing

With over half of digital advertising becoming invisible Latvia Phone Number List and over 200 million people adopting ad-blocking software, standard display units face an increasingly uphill battle for consumer reach and impact. With these stats in mind, it’s no wonder that looking at google trends data over the past five years, we see growing interest in both content marketing (blue) and native advertising (red) as topics. There is none. Current landscape says that there is a problem. Marketers continue to create more and more content, but not more audiences are willing to consume such content. It’s a fundamental problem of supply and demand. According to the 2016 content marketing institute marketingprofs content marketing trends report, 77% of b2c marketers planned to produce more content.

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Native advertising as a testing ground

Added content has garnered limited consumer media CE Leads attention. Increased data – target audience – not image source nielsen bi intelligence, data compiled by scribblelive the content landscape is a mess, and it’s only getting worse. As marketers turn to content marketing to overcome some of the challenges associated with traditional ad buying, they find that even a solid content creation strategy isn’t enough. That’s where native advertising comes in. The role native advertising can be leveraged to overcome many of the hurdles facing content marketers today. As marketers know, even compelling, high-quality content can struggle to find an audience. But these days, over 90% of publishers offer native products, and these products are a great way to extend the reach of the content you’re producing. According to dcnorg, over 90% of publishers offer native.

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