How Front is Transitioning Latvia Phone Number to Remote Work

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Aircall and Front have been instrumental Latvia Phone Number in businesses gearing up for prolonged periods of remote work. Thankfully, with nearly three-quarters of Americans having broadband internet service at home. Working remotely has become a possibility for many employees. As cloud-based communication companies, we fundamentally Latvia Phone number understand customers’ anxieties during these uncertain times. Shifts in workplace culture and declining business opportunities can make adopting new processes even more daunting.

And we are here to help.  With this in mind Latvia Phone Number, here’s how Front and Aircall can assist businesses who are new to a virtual work environment, plus some insights from our own company leaders who are making the transition to remote work for the first time.

Learning from previous Latvia Phone Number remote collaboration experiences

As we move meetings to Zoom and casual check-ins to Slack, it’s worth noting that many companies have been operating this way for a while, especially if they have multiple regional offices. But even Latvia Phone Number these businesses are now faced with a sudden and dramatic shift to being fully remote. In some ways, these adjustments to virtual office environments are seamless, but in others, it’s like swapping a hamburger for a veggie patty — it’s a valiant substitute, but it will take some time to get used to.

Teams across the world are sharing in this collective Latvia Phone Number uncertainty. We’re all facing the same challenges. According to the State of Work Productivity Report, 65% of full-time employees think a remote work schedule would increase productivity. But a lack of distractions or commuting can’t increase productivity alone. These tools centralize important information, allow for location-based flexibility, and promote easier collaboration between remote team members.

How Aircall and Front support the Latvia Phone Number transition to remote work

Using these two tools together, employees can Latvia Phone Number take their business phone wherever there’s a stable internet connection, and see all customer communications in a shared, omnichannel team inbox. Front is a unique cross between email inbox and a customer service helpdesk. All customer messages, communication tools, and intra-team communication is accessible within a single app. This lets employees work faster, and helps managers stay on top of spikes in volume and overall operations.

Aircall is a communication and productivity Latvia Phone Number tool. Agents can dial and receive calls from their business phone number on any device using either the mobile, desktop, or browser-based apps.  Plus, easily implemented integrations with other communication platforms make call histories as accessible as email or chat communications.

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