How one brand created a movement by investing in purpose

A software company that helps private and industrial contractors manage projects from tender to completion, HCSS has been in business for 30 years. Its customers build everything from roads and waste treatment plants to bridges, dams and pipelines. The company has traditionally had a rich marketing culture, but four years ago it chose to emphasize content and introduced Dan Briscoe. Soon after, he hired Skylar Moss to run his digital marketing department. Backed by a strong content base, Dan, Skyler, and their team which has grown from 5 to 23 in four years have achieved high success, one story at a time. Together, they form a dynamic content marketing duo whose shared philosophy is simple talking to customers to understand what they need to help them.

Build a movement with the same

Do their jobs better please give me. Dans goal is to provide 1000 Mobile Phone Numbers useful content for his customers and provide a large footprint for HCSS. In short, he wants the right content to reach the right people. This is a big challenge considering everyone in the buying process. dfbriscoe cmworld Click to tweet and talk to your customers to understand what they need to do their jobs better. Dan and Skylers collaboration has resulted in a new and highly useful audience persona to help drive HCSS customercentric content initiative, as well as a construction industry initiative called I Build America. We chose Dan and Skyler as our first Content Marketer of the Year finalist duo because of their focus on both their audience and their larger purpose. This is the lesson they learned from scratch.

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Improving corporate culture

Relevant content How to Build a Content Marketing CE Leads Practice in a Year Lessons from Monsters make customers heroes One of the first significant projects Dan and Skyler worked on together was the HCSS Most Interesting Project Award now called the Construction Impact Award. The program provides customers with a platform and fun competition, allowing them to showcase the work they are doing nationwide and beyond using the companys software. We probably got 50 times more results than we thought, says Skyler. It blew up our webserver and almost crashed our site within the first 30 minutes. hcs sconstructionim pactawards More importantly, it provided them with a light bulb moment that made them realize that the pride their audience had in their work should be the central focus of their marketing efforts. “This has changed the way the marketing department and the company views.

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