How the Cleveland Clinic Became One of the Most Visited Healthcare Destinations

Amanda todorovich began her content marketing journey with a team of three at the cleveland clinic in 2013 with a vision for her blog to become a leading health and wellness portal. Under her leadership, the cleveland clinic’s health hub blog (now called health essentials) grew from 200,000 to 2 million monthly views in just 18 months. Today, health essentials has over 4 million monthly visitors, making it one of the most visited online healthcare destinations. This is especially impressive given the crowded sector of the industry. Its social media following is also impressive, with over 5 million facebook fans and 550,000 twitter followers. Its success has led to organisational changes such as merging its digital team and offline creative staff to form one.

Please don’t publish any more just get better

Cohesive content marketing division, which now has 24 employees. That’s a Changsha Mobile Phone Number List lot of talent (and content) to manage, so amanda is one of the 2016 content marketer of the year finalists. Here I am sharing some of the best practices I developed during my tenure at the cleveland clinic. Editor’s note after publication, amanda todorovich was named cmi’s 2016 content marketer of the year please don’t publish when the cleveland clinic blog launched four years ago, the team published three to five posts a day, and that hasn’t changed, says amanda. And focusing on the same amount of content is a theme that runs much of what amanda and her team do. “what has evolved is our criteria and how we decide what to publish and when.

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Surround common goals as team dynamics

Listening to data she says Cleveland clinic – publications – articles CE Leads curated relevant content content marketing answers managing your content here’s the inside of the editing process have a thoughtful content plan it’s not as easy as publishing something just because it’s ready. In fact, according to amanda, the team now spends more time strategizing and making decisions in advance about which stories to write.

Amanda Todo content marketing saying click to tweet is not as easy as publishing something just because it’s ready. For all the parts we are considering, we will consider three questions is this what we covered is it specific and practical enough who is going to do this “we want to have a balance of content across different disciplines. Plus, we want to hit our traffic goals,” she says. Amanda goes on to explain that they take seasonal trends and more into account to hit their.

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