How to atomize 1 killer content to 10

Has your content team ever created a onehit wonder if so, you may be sitting at the chance to create a lot of killer content from that original work. Thats what my team did. In this post, we show how radix, a b2b copywriting agency, atomized one core article into a series of pieces. This is a steady stream of fresh content over two years. Over the past two years, weve compiled the following 10 messages from newsletter articles written by our founder, fiona campbellhowes. 3 blog posts 3 podcasts 1 presentation 1 board game 1 infographic 1 quiz this content set helped me fill my marketing funnel with new clients and projects. This is how we do it. Curated related content case study how to reuse 1 video for 8 assets our original work exclusive we started.

Exclusive Newsletter Articles

A spraying program with this piece – 7 types of b2b Taiwan Phone Number List copywriters which one is best for you it was born in october 2013 as an article limited to newsletter subscribers. This article builds on fionas theory that there are different types of b2b copywriters, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, and using the right or wrong one for a given asset or campaign can have a big impact on the outcome Im here. After seeing a good clickthrough rate on that newsletter, we realized this message had legs. We decided it would be a shame to limit the audience of that message to a select small group of discerning b2b marketing professionals who subscribed to our newsletter . We had to make our message wider. Curated relevant content 5 essential skills for todays content.

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How We Atomized Content

Marketing copywriter atomization defined what CE Leads exactly is atomization jay baer defines it as taking a strong content marketing platform or theme and executing it in many strategically sound ways . As he points out, atomization has many advantages. This is resource efficiency . Atomization means that you can cover a wider range of content without having to create completely. New content all the time. If your idea clicks with your audience, it makes sense to make the most of it. Helps win the relevance war more platforms can be covered in different. Ways, so content is more likely to be perceived. As highly relevant to a portion of your audience . It has builtin amplification . Having content on different platforms means that your audience may touch your content multiple times.

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