How to avoid Google penalizing syndicated content

Duplicate content has been a problem since google started cracking it down years ago (almost ten, holy cows). If you’re an internet veteran like me, you’re very careful about sites getting penalised in search rank for anything. Duplicate content is the easiest penalty to explain. Do not copy content from others. Do not create multiple sites with the same copy. If you do, google will penalise you in search rank. It’s easy these days, content syndication helps both sales and our own public relations efforts. My old developer immediately said, “Red flag, red flag, don’t put that article on our blog I’m sure this will hurt our search rank.” then I started thinking about how common it must be for marketers to apply this kind of oversimplified “Strategic” thinking ironicallywhen they see seo.

What is Duplicate Content?

Opportunities make sure you miss out. My own Dominican Republic Phone Number List publicist was yelling, “What if we don’t syndicate” I have come up with a few research-backed regimens because we need to find them through searches and syndicate them for visibility. Let’s start with the basics. Curated relevant content don’t make these 9 common seo mistakes. What is duplicate content blocking similar or matching content across domains or on the same domain is considered duplicate content. I fantasise about cons these days, so let’s call it dupcon for short. As per randy apuzzo, blocking content that is similar across domains or on the same domain is considered duplicate. Click to tweet dubcon can be flagged as deceptive and non-malicious. The deception comes from people hijacking content.

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Quick Tips for Technicians

In the day to rank higher in searches and sell as much CE Leads as possible. Years ago, you could take advantage of the google search algorithm to quickly rank for your search terms. People did this (I’m guilty) and google started cracking down. Non-malicious duplicate content was basically syndication or quotes. This content drew heavily from marketing and press releases. What is syndicated content? The process of pushing article, site, or video content.

To third-party sites is called content syndication. This kind of content can be published as full articles, snippets, links or thumbnails. We call duplicate content a dupcon, so we call it a syndicated content syncon (dang, that sounds cool). I won’t go into how to syndicate your content, but if you want to learn more, check out ericenge’s article on why, when, and how to syndicate. The big issues are can a syncon be considered a deacon.

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