How to build a marketing team that cares about revenue

When toby lee joined thomson reuters tax and accounting department in 2012, he was asked to bring excitement to a conservative and sometimes outdated industry market. His silicon valley marketing background was a perfect fit for organizations hungry for inspiration and change. “they wanted someone who understood marketing, so they didnt mind that I was new to the industry,” says toby. When I arrived, expectations were high. It helped create momentum and support the new world order. As such, toby and his team have been able to help create what every marketing leader strives for an actionoriented marketing culture that works in tandem with the sales team. His success recently led to a new role as chief marketing officer in the legal department.

Creating and evaluating personas

Thomson reuters Thomson reuters is a 3.5 billion Panama Phone Number List company with marketers around the world. He is also a finalist for cmis content marketer of the year. Here are some of the lessons he is taking as he embarks on the next phase of his career. Curated, relevant content how content marketing creates a thriving culture creating one of tobys passion projects was digging into persona work. He and his team have developed 45 different personas and 25 customer journey maps to help create content and generate demand. Research shows that one key figure, those who work in the tax department, tend to be introverted and reluctant to drive business transformation. His team created the concept of the tax expert. This is a tax professional who uses.

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Tie content marketing to sales and revenue

Cuttingedge technology to get results Tobys team has CE Leads developed an arsenal of educational and inspiring content for tax professionals. “tax professionals content honored our customers and delivered an ambitious brand. It took off like wildfire,” says toby. The term has become so ubiquitous that tax professional has become. Linkedins official skill set, and clients are asking us to use this title to describe their profession. The tax professional concept is. Brought to life at the annual synergy user. Conference, hosted by thomson reuters and recently attended by over 1,500 tax professionals. The culmination of the event is the tax professional awards ceremony. Toby explains “the emotion and reaction of the winners is amazing.

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