How To Build A Content Marketing Practice In A Year: Lessons From The Monster

In june 2015 margaret magnarelli became editor-in-chief of monster, one of the most visited career websites in the world. She was tasked with re-establishing the brand’s voice and reconnecting with its core audience of job seekers. To do that, she shifted resources and budget from an outsourced agency relationship to in-house talent and increased her staff from three to seven. Result so far, the hard work has paid off in many ways. 29% increase in monthly page views compared to last year nominated by digiday as a finalist for best in-house content brand studio 2016 winning the content marketing awards for best content marketing program strong support within her organisation margaret is also one of cmi’s finalists for content marketer of the year.

Focus on strategy, but leave room for flexibility

Content content marketer of the year finalist margaret shares Shandong Mobile Phone Number List with monster the top lessons she learned in her first year. These great ideas will help those new to the organisation or those looking to build new content marketing techniques in an established company. Focus on strategy, but to cover things like an ever-changing labour market, your content marketing strategy needs to be adaptable. For example, in today’s work environment, there are talent gaps in certain sectors such as technology and healthcare, says margaret. In these industries, “it is very difficult for employers to find talent because there are more jobs available than people apply for these jobs. There is,” she explains. Of course, that example only scratches the surface of our job seeker audience.

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Serving one audience but helping other aspects

Margaret knew monster needed content broad enough CE Leads to appeal not only to those looking for work, but also to passive job seekers who were employed. At the same time, the site needed to cater to groups segmented by experience level (ie. Graduate, entry level, executive) and industry. To that end, margaret developed three pillars of content (and put editors to lead each), simultaneously rebranding monster as a thought leader in the career industry, while also attracting qualified job seekers to create relevant employment opportunities. Tied to the opportunity. Here’s how she breaks down the three pillars. Method – simple utility content used for search purposes and as fuel for company newsletters. “It’s the bread and butter of what we do. The story comes down to ‘how do you find a job’ she says. Editors in this pillar also work with seo agencies (360i) to update and update the vast inventory.

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