How to build the data thinking that big manufacturers are talking about?

If the “loss” is real money, but it is not worth mentioning compared with the net worth, you can invite him to a meal.

This is the biggest use of data thinking: through quantitative and detailed data, the thinking is based on facts, so Saudi Arabia Mobile Number as to find more effective solutions to problems. People often say: Tailor your clothes and watch the dishes to eat, which is actually what it means.

In fact, this topic contains a lot of places that need to use data thinking. Note that the question asked is: “What to do!” Then the answer should be a specific practice, such as “don’t care about him”, such as “run away”. From problems to coping strategies, there is a lot to think about quantitatively.

 the lack of data thinking

These will affect the final coping strategy, and also produce different judgments due to different data. If it is really a chicken with ten fried and nine losses, no matter how rich you are, you will not be able to withstand such a toss. If it’s just a momentary miss, there’s still a chance for a comeback.

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When encountering judgments such as how big, how fast, how slow is good or bad, ask more questions: What is Saudi Arabia Mobile Number the indicator? What is the standard? Instead of disregarding the judgment standard, he opened his mouth and said: I think it is right! wrong!

When faced with a decision, ask more: What do I base my decision on? What are the results measured by? To what extent? Will I change my decision if the conditional data size changes? Instead of just opening my mouth: I have been in the business for ten years, and what I said is right, let’s do it like this.

exercise data thinking skills

It may even be possible to uncover some hidden truths in the process of combing through the data. For example, it is obvious that this buddy is losing potential income, why is he still frowning? Excluding objective reasons, it is very likely that there are subjective reasons. For example, self-doubt, fear of being despised by wife/friends/relatives, etc. At this time, you can skip the appearance and solve the psychological problem more deeply.

In short, it is always beneficial to use data thinking to sort out the problems carefully.

For example, if you lose 1 million, if you have sorted out all the clues, there may be the following logic, students can try it when they have time.

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