How to Calculate Share of Voice for SEO, PPC, Social

If you’ve been struggling to analyze your campaigns in a broader context, share of voice is the measurement you’ve been missing.

Share of voice (SOV) has been around for a while. It was historically used to determine advertising budgets and can be applied in the same way today to determine digital marketing budgets.

The share of voice metric combines both paid and organic marketing efforts and opens the door for effective competitive analysis as well. It’s the ultimate data point for company stakeholders of all levels.


There are many ways to segment and use SOV data points to:
1. Evaluate where you stand in comparison to competitors
2. Make a strategy to reach short and long term business goals
3. Assess the efficacy of those strategies

It’s actually really simple to capture. In this quick guide. you’ll gain France Phone Number List an understanding of the definition of share of voice, how to measure it, and how to increase your marketing reach with it.

Let’s dive in.

What is share of voice?

You’re thinking about SOV if you’re asking the following questions:

  • Do people have more negative or positive things to say about my brand?
  • How can I find customer feedback to refine my offering and bring something new to the market?
  • Where should I focus my PR efforts to get more media mentions?
  • And the obvious, what is share of voice? (hehe)

Share of voice definition

The definition of share of voice boils down to the extent of your reach in your advertising and organic campaign efforts.

Simply put, it’s a metric that tells you what percentage of people you find with your messaging.


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