How to Connect with Hard-to-reach Audiences: Niche Marketing Strategies

Does this sound familiar you have a limited marketing budget, but you need to build meaningful relationships with your target audience. Adding to the challenge is that the target audience is not known to be techsavvy. Thats exactly the situation thao le, hylands vp of marketing, sought to conquer when he was tasked with promoting homeopathic medicine company hylands legcramps products to active seniors. She never expected this journey to lead to the creation of an ultraniche content platform called pickleballchannel. Yes, pickleball within two years, the pickleball channel had become the worlds largest media outlet for sports like quirky tennis. It currently has over 15,000 likes on facebook and over 12 million views This channel mainly features.

Resist the urge to be everything for everyone

Video content with tips to improve your game A feelgood, touching Peru Phone Number List story about the player. News coverage of pickleball tournaments and events. Pickleballchannelwebsite “we wanted to engage more with active boomers and seniors,” says thao. But the first hurdle was setting aside the assumption that targeting seniors via digital content was a lost cause. Led by rusty howes owner of rumer studios and executive producer and director of hylands digital media lab, thao and her team are techsavvy, active writers passionate about compelling and relevant content. I was sure that there are seniors who are the challenge was to identify what content these seniors need to focus on. I found the pickleball to be the best. Generating an engaged audience on a niche topic.

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Let the analytics guide you

Why thao was named a finalist for cmis content marketer CE Leads of the year. Heres Above all,  what thao and her team learned after deciding and convincing the company that a relatively unknown sport could be a catalyst for niche content marketing success. Curated relevant content 38 examples of brands offering great content work with what you have during his 13 years at highland, thao has been labeled mad scientist many times.

Shes serious about proving that focused, niche marketing campaigns can earn big engagement points. Luckily, her ceo, she says, has a high tolerance for Above all, guerrilla marketing tactics. “being a Above all, small homeopathic medicine company, we are used to. Competing with brands that can afford to spend on traditional media. We cannot play the same playbook as the big pharmaceutical companies,” she says. But even then, thao knew it wouldnt be easy to focus on pickleball players.

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