How to define a workflow that keeps content production on track

Is your content often delivered late having trouble signing off does it usually get stuck if you’re nodding your head, your content team probably hasn’t defined that workflow. Every content team that wants to get their project off the ground needs to define their workflow before a content creator’s pen touches paper or fingers hit keyboard. To get your content project off the ground, define your workflow before you create your content, says robert mills via cmicontent. Click to tweet curated relevant content do you have a playbook for long-term success what is content workflow a content workflow is a set of tasks that a team needs to complete for a particular client or content type (web page, blog post, white paper, email, or any other kind of content that a group needs to deliver.

Why Define Content Workflow?

Is In her book content strategy for the web, christina Ukraine Phone Number List halverson says that content workflow determines “How content is requested, sourced, created, reviewed, approved, and delivered.” your team has a workflow, even if you haven’t defined one. All teams do certain people do certain things over and over at certain times. Workflows can be simple or complex. Teams may have separate workflows for specific clients or project types. A typical content workflow includes tasks such as overview describe review edit approve publish once documented, workflows often take the form of visuals that show the progress of tasks. This example showing each role in a “Swimlane” communicates task progress between roles (vertically) and over time horizontally.

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How to define a content workflow

Content how to document your content marketing CE Leads workflow why define content workflow leaving workflows undefined can make it difficult to keep track of a large number of projects and can lead to stuck projects. Content team members may be unsure of their responsibilities or unaware of the effort required to complete the content. Defining content workflows allows teams to break down the content process into manageable tasks identify. The stages of development for each piece of content identify each step for content approval know who is responsible for. Each step and when a defined content workflow tells people in all roles where their content is being. Processed when it’s their turn and what they must do to deliver what they need when they need it. Clarify. This workflow also allows project managers to recognize bottlenecks and take action to keep content moving into production.

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