How to Find Time for Content Marketing While Running a Business

Businessmen are busy people. Especially those who run small businesses. They wear many hats. Sometimes, they have to handle sales, accounting, operations, customer service, and EVEN as a chauffeur. And now, in the digital marketing age, business owners still need to do content marketing. Small businesses owners are often caught in the trap of working IN their business, instead of working ON their business. Content marketing is one way to work ON your business. It gives you long term rewards. If you’re still thinking whether you should spend the time and resources maintaining a blog, take a look at the latest content marketing statistics. You don’t need to spend hours coming up with a content development strategy, wrecking your brains to come up with content ideas, planning your infographics and all that. Even if you’re strapped for time, there are ways to make writing blog posts a breeze. Here are some tips for the busy business owners:


1. New website

Did your web design company just launched your new site? Announce it to the world! Brag. Show off. Write about how and why you decided to go with a new website design.

2. Look at your customers’ complaints

Received a complaint like that?

Therefore, Turn it into something good by writing about the kind of music you’re going to play next. Talk about how the meaning of the song lyrics tie into your brand/business (this way you can cheekily slot in some marketing messages ;)). You can find out your customer complaints through social media, emails, your receptionist, surveying your customers, and also using live chat function on your website. Check out opium if you want to implement live chat.

3. Ask your receptionist

Therefore, Your receptionist is the first point of contact between your prospects/customers and your business. Ask her what is the common feedback that customers give. What are the frequently asked questions? Those are some topics for you to blog about.

4. Take ideas from recent news

Example: You sell air purifiers and everyone Taiwan Phone Number is complaining about the haze. Blog about how your air purifier cleans up the air in the office/room and how it can help prevent allergies to dust mites even during non hazy periods.


5. Social media milestones

Therefore, Your facebook page reached a milestone? Buy some food, props, take a picture, and celebrate with your followers! Jayesslee reached 1 million subscribers and they posted a video about it.


6. Take notes

Therefore, Take notes as you go about your daily life. Think about random things. Let your thoughts go while. You’ll naturally find ideas worth writing about. Here’s one of my notes at the end of a day.


7. Interview influencers

Therefore, Are there any influencers in your niche? Drop them an email or message. Get them to be interviewed. It’s a win win situation. You get valuable content from a pro, and he gets more exposure.

8. Curate content

Therefore, Find topics that are already buzzing in your niche. Try Buzzsumo, niche related forums, Reddit, and Quora. These are some places to start.

9. Share about your experience

Therefore, You don’t need to write big, significant ideas every time. Blog posts can be about your daily experience. That’ll give your brand a more personal touch. Take a look at Fipin.

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