How to Make Your Facebook Page Likeable

When small businesses create a company Facebook page, the first thing they worry about is where to get the fans? How do I get them to like my page? Force my customers to like it? Tell my family and friends to support me by liking my page?

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We all know that at the end of the day, that doesn’t cut it. The likes are fake. They’re not real fans who’re interested in my services/products.

Many small businesses face this issue. They can’t get high engagements on their Facebook page. At the heart of all marketing, be it social media marketing, or any other marketing methods, one of the most important elements to stand out from the crowd and be remembered is to create a likeable brand.

Building a likeable Facebook page starts from building a likeable brand, which is something many small businesses overlook. Maybe some people get it a little. They design a nice website, nice font, cool photography, amazing graphics and etc.

These nice physical graphics and what nots are like a person’s looks and dress sense. But we all know that some people can look good, but have an ugly personality. That’s where the personality of the brand comes into play. Many small businesses haven’t quite nailed down on their brand, what more building a likeable brand.

So in this post, we’re gonna show you some of the traits of a likeable brand. But before that, what is a brand?

What is a brand?

A brand is more than just a logo. It is also more than just a tagline. A UK Phone Number company’s brand is so much more. In fact, if a brand is a person, then a brand is equivalent to a person’s personality. To make your brand likeable, ask yourself, who are the likeable people in your life? What personality traits do they share?

Brands are personifications of people. We can take a look at personality traits of likeable people and apply that to our brand building. So take a look at this list of traits and decide what you want to do. Building a likeable brand, or likeable Facebook page for this matter, shouldn’t be the end goal. You want sales at the end of the day. So if you’re doing social media marketing, you’d be interested in our article on: The most cost effective strategy to boost sales for SMEs.

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