How to network at meetings: 101 tips from the marketing best

Meetings are not for the faint of heart. Whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert. Making the most of any meeting is a challenge. It’s one thing to come home with lots of notes and takeaways. Leaving with fresh relationships and meaningful connections is a completely different beast. Yes, the magic of meetings is in people. What should marketers do when people are just keeping your head spinning “who should I talk to, what should I say where should I go, should I upgrade” to answer those questions, I went to the source you and your cohorts. That’s right. At content marketing world 2016, and ahead of cm world 2017, I asked as many people as possible one question. “What’s your best networking tip at a conference”. Below are 101 responses from keynote speakers.

5 eternal networking truths

Speakers staff and (among other things) you, conference Ecuador Phone Number List attendees. But before we dive into the tips and infographics, let’s see the big picture of. You are not alone in your fears, your fears, or your anxieties. No matter how much we feel like outsiders, we’re all in the same big, uncomfortable, sweaty ship. This is as true for experienced professionals as it is for first-time participants. Breathe deeply, dive in, and don’t feel sick if you need a little time. I do that all the time. Everyone is human. Whether the person you walk by is another attendee, breakout speaker, or headliner, at the end of the day, they’re just as flesh and blood as you. Our shared humanity reinforces the first eternal truth. Compliments, curiosity and smiles go a long way.

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Everyone is afraid

Everyone likes it Now that may not be universally CE Leads true, but it’s true for people worth meeting. The goal of the conference is to learn, grow and connect. If you are part of that process, you will be welcomed with open arms. Anyone who doesn’t greet you kindly, it’s on them. jerks. Brush it off and get back there. Everyone is precious. The truth is you never know who you are talking to. There’s something to be said for creating a list of preferred speakers and attendees, but the best connections are often spontaneous. This point appears many times in the hint. Ask questions, be interested rather than “interested,” and treat the person in front of you as if you were the only one in the room. Socialising for everyone. Social media is ubiquitous, especially at conferences. Most events not only use hashtags, but also host facebook and linkedin groups and official apps Share it Take a selfie Tag new friends.

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