How to Optimise Facebook Ad Copies

Written  by sifat islam

The most prominent social media platform globally with over 2.85 billion users, Facebook is a near-perfect environment for advertisers. But having a large user base does not guarantee a high conversion rate. In addition, with the rollout of Apple’s iOS 14.5 privacy updates, advertisers must optimise Facebook ad copies and creatives to improve campaign quality.

As the leading Facebook marketing Singapore experts, we will give you ten strategies that you can leverage to optimise Facebook ad copies.

Use Facebook Targeting to Narrow Your Audience, Then Write to It

Targeting the right audience is one of the most important things you can do in an ad. For example, you can’t expect to market skateboards to senior citizens, so you’ll want to know where your advertisement is going.

When targeting people on your Russia Phone Number List website, you’ll likely create content that speaks to the broadest possible audience, but when you’re working with Facebook ad copies, you’ll want to narrow it down a bit.

It’s pretty easy to do, though, as you can cater your content to custom audiences, locations, genders, interests, behaviours, and connections. In addition, people provide a lot of data when they use Facebook regularly, allowing you to make use of it when you’re advertising to them.

Write Different Facebook Ads for Different People

When advertising to a particular demographic, make sure to optimise Facebook ad copies in the advertisement to fit that demographic. There is no one-size-fits-all caption – every ad needs to be relevant to those you’re looking to sell to.

No matter what it’s selling, every advertisement should be crafted in a way that appeals to your target demographic.


The ad above is made and written specifically to appeal to the broadest possible demographic. Email writing is an art, and finding out your email writing style is an appealing prospect that might improve your communication skills. It’s slick, quick, simple, and digestible – just as any high-end advertisement should be.

Ensure Your Facebook Ad Copy Goes with Your Visual

Now, the write-up is only a part of the magic when it comes to ad copies. Humans are visual creatures. If your ad doesn’t have a compelling visual to go along with the text, chances are you won’t get far.

Make sure your ad copy and visuals go hand in hand.


This advertisement is selling mattresses, and it has a visual of two people in their PJs sleeping on what looks like a very comfortable mattress.

The write-up is short but sweet and highlights what the product is. Meanwhile, the image shows just how much customers will enjoy the product that’s being sold.

Stay Focused with One Call-to-Action

A CTA is one of the most essential and powerful tools in any marketer’s arsenal. If you’re missing out on a cool CTA to go alongside your post write-up, you’re missing out on a lot of potential sales. Making a top-shelf call to action can be quite a challenge, depending on what the point of your advertisement is.

Now, everyone knows the classics such as:

  • Learn More
  • See More
  • Find Out
  • Buy Now
  • Click Here

While these work well, you’ll want to integrate a custom call to action on your advertisement. A CTA should steer your audience to do what you want, and it’s always good to create a sense of urgency. This can be done by providing a time frame where if the users don’t do what you want, they’ll miss out on something.

Furthermore, it’s good to use strong words when writing your call to action. Make sure it’s steering but not manipulative.


See how this call to action is placed and presented?

The whole write-up

  • Presents a change that many people are keen to implement in their lives
  • Provides a chance to win a free solution
  • Calls the viewer out to click and interact with the advertisement
  • And get what they’ve just been presented for free

Keep it Short and Lead with Value!

One of the biggest rules in marketing is “short and sweet”. People don’t have long attention spans, especially for push marketing.

When did you take the time to read a large advertisement on something you didn’t even search for? Never.

Advertisements on social media such as Facebook are intrusive by nature, so you should make them as useful as possible. A good way to do so is to ensure that everything is as simple, snappy and streamlined.

Always fill your ads with valuable information and lead with it. It’s the best way to capitalise on the short attention span of the average consumer and deliver the information.

When creating a write-up for an advertisement like this, it’s good to have a layout of all the information you’d like to present. Then, construct the write-up in such a way where it’s easy to read, bite-sized, and digestible.

The write-up in the example provided below provides a problem and proposes a solution all in less than twelve words.

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