How to Outperform Fortune 500 Brands on Instagram Survey

In 2013 only of Fortune 500 companies were active on Instagram. Fast forward three years and Instagram adoption among Americas biggest brands has doubled to 50, with 250 brands popping up on the social media platform. How Are Americas Biggest Brands Using Instagram We analyzed and explored a year of Instagram content from Fortune 500 companies. Here are four trends and takeaways that can help you make your Instagram content stand out. 50 of Fortune 500 companies are active on Instagram, doubling since 2013, wkndatburneys clicks to tweet 1. Instagram is a day job but it shouldnt be Fortune 500 companies treat social media marketing on Instagram like a 9 to 5 job. Generally they post on East Coast workdays. In fact, 88 of the photos on Fortune 500 Instagram accounts were posted between Still, the biggest engagement.

Sunday is a rest day but it shouldn’t be

Fortune 500 Instagram posts happened between 10pm and 3am ET. Posts published in Tunisia Phone Number List this window showed more engagement than the average Instagram post for Fortune 500 brands. instagramlowestengagement The highest engagement on Fortune 500 Instagram posts was between 10pm and 3am. wkndatburneys click to tweet The lowest engagement on Instagram for Fortune 500 posts occurred between 11am and 4pm ET. Posts published within this window had 4.186.58 lower engagement than the average post. The 4am post also performed poorly, garnering 3.49 less engagement than the average. Bottom line Instagram feeds get crowded with brandgenerated content during traditional US East Coast working hours To stand out and engage.

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Most brands publish without filters 

Audience think beyond traditional business hours. To CE Leads stand out and engage your Instagram audience, think wkndatburneys beyond traditional business hours . click to tweet Curated Relevant Content A Guide to Creating and Sharing Content in 2016 Infographic 2. Sunday is a rest day but it shouldnt be The working day bias among Fortune 500 companies is particularly evident when looking at Instagram posting trends based on the day of the week. Fortune 500 companies publish far fewer posts over the weekend. Only 8.5 of Instagram posts were posted on Sunday, making it the least competitive post. Thursday and Friday are the most competitive days of the week to post. Instagrampostweekday However, this preference for posting during traditional weekdays can dampen the influence of Fortune 500 companies Instagram content. Brandgenerated Instagram posts published over the weekend saw higher.

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