How we hired 30 people in one year using your content

The success of any content marketing effort hinges on your ability to build a team of dedicated and talented people to power your strategy. It’s not a quick and easy responsibility. Still, there are no hacks to hire people like, say, to create content. In the same way that you learn “How to come up with 30 content ideas in 30 minutes,” you probably won’t find an article that promises “How to hire 10 people in 10 minutes.” — and there’s a reason for that. Finding and hiring great content marketers takes a lot of time, resources, and skills. Our content marketing agency has hired 30 people in the last 12 months. Our secret weapon you guessed it content. People too often, teams think of content marketing simply as a tool to increase sales and forget.

People want the best work in the industry

Another important group of people reading content Conduit CN in their industry potential employees. Just as prospects want to hire top talent, future employees want to work with industry leaders. These future employees want to know that the team they’re signing on to is credible, innovative, and ultimately worthy of their talent. When it’s done right, you can show it in your content. Start with strategy as with all content marketing initiatives, a documented strategy is absolutely essential. The same goes for using content as a recruiting tool. To successfully use content for recruitment, you need to include it as an element of your content marketing strategy. Here are some tips to get you started if you use content for recruitment, you should include it in your content marketing strategy.

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Using Content to Shine a Light on Culture

Click to tweet create an ideal candidate persona. The first CE Leads step in strategy is knowing your audience. Who is your ideal employee what background or skills and interests does he or she have what niche publications does your ideal audience read what kind of content is your audience engaging with understanding who your audience is (and creating content specifically for that audience) is central to your strategy — whether that audience is a prospective customer or, in this case, a potential customer. Whether to include candidates. Involve human resources in the content planning and creation process. Including someone from your hr team in the planning session helps ensure that expectations are understood by both departments. Involve hr in the content planning and creation process kelsey_m_meyer click to tweet during one of our recent hiring rounds our director of hiring worked.

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