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A photo of the Parthenon say Β A photo of the Parthenon at the time when there were no apartment buildings behind it. I say this because there are these photos and anyone who sees them will say look how Athens was at the time of the great travelers. You lost. Now the picture may be well taken but it is very difficult to put your own version of the world into it when the actual reality is so intense so striking. To put it very simply a very beautiful woman I say woman someone scolded me on the internet because I give an example of a beautiful woman. So let’s say to be politically correct a beautiful woman or a beautiful man if she is very beautiful everyone will say what a beautiful woman if she is very ugly they will say what a monster.

Now is this a matter of making a movie

If she is a woman who is neither beautiful nor ugly she may be seen as Image Masking Service beautiful through your own eyes. I say this crudely but that is the role of the artist. The storylines of the scenarios are all the same in story. And usually nonexistent. A favorite example of mine is De Sica’s movie Bicycle Thief where if you come home and your wife tells you what the movie was about You’d say he was a bum who worked with a bicycle and put up posters his bicycle was stolen and he never found it. This is the movie. Now is this a matter of making a movie And he made one of the very nice films of our century. Well so we move on to what we said was a photo. Now how is this done There are tools. Technique is also a tool. Expression tools.

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If they don’t transform it Lost history

Whether you will put a large or small depth of field whether you will have CE Leads a certain shooting angle all these are tools that make up your language with which you express what you have to express. What one must understand is that a photograph is not what it shows. Because it shows many things some of which are insignificant. If someone takes a picture of us where we are in theory the most important thing is us being human. But behind there is the sky there are rocks there is grass all. These together with our faces are equally important elements because. The photograph is not Demetrius or Plato it is four corners. That enclose a part of the world and transform it. If they don’t transform it Lost history. If they transform it very crudely and superficially.  Shaken photo half the face cut off I see the transformation but it is not transcendental.  It does not lift me it does not take me elsewhere. All this difficulty is the source of our taking a thousand pictures to keep two.

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