I will not blame it on a party or a person

We are all responsible for a cultural decline. Now how do we get out of it Maybe I’m coward enough not to deal with the public but judging by them I’m not an optimist. DL And finally we live a cultural flood of events exhibitions performances publications and so on. As we stand strictly against photography is it time to raise the bar to tighten the criteria around culture Shall we redefine the position of the Greek vis├ávis the culture which was also seduced by false prosperity PR Of course. But I will tell you again that everyone is doing something like a small town rebel in their own part. I do it on mine I can’t do it on the bigger one everything gets worse.

But why was it not logical and expected

So everyone with their own cultivation sets their own direction Raster to Vector Conversion their own criteria and we hope that little by little this will affect the flood you are talking about. I’m not condemning it from the outset it’s just that once again your criteria mine should begin to discriminate in this flood. To have demands. In Italy they drink good espresso because they have a demand for good espresso. Here you drink whatever they give you. Lost as I once said the art of Turkish coffee Greek and we didn’t master the art of espresso so now we don’t drink good coffee and everyone drinks frappe. This has also happened with culture. Thank you for your questions. I will use them in the lessons. DL We’ll meet again.

Raster to Vector Conversion

Here you drink whatever they

I hope you use them. Greetings from Livadia. Don’t forget to be CE Leads photographed with intensity but above all to put intensity in your life. Henri Cartier Bresson’s great reputation will remain a mystery to me. Certainly not in relation to his value which I consider much greater even than his great fame. But why was it not logical and expected that the prevailing aesthetics the holding artistic perception and the kind of indlams of today’s world would reserve such publicity to a photographer as hermetic internal and strict as Cartier Bresson. Maybe it’s a glitch in the system or maybe more simply an accidental misunderstanding. Anything good a party gets will get worse. So the expansion of what I do would make a rebel party dangerous to art.

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