In art again and again technological

The statue of Athena did not reflect the image of the goddess of Olympus and no human had such a narrow head as the Cycladic figurines show.  Are not answers to relevant requests of the artists. Painters did not require acrylic paints. They just used them and not everyone when someone made them. . The artist has no reason to turn his back on technological developments. What counts is his vision and as tools he can use anything as long as they don’t use him. It goes without saying that it will also turn to the new technology at any given time but this is neither absolutely necessary nor immediately imperative. Even in the very expensive art of cinema which needs a lot of audience participation to exist directors continued for many years to make black and white films even after the invention of color.

The two weak and simplistic arguments

Dreyer never made a color film he died in . Many great directors Illustrator Art Work made their first color film long after the invention of color cinema and after color had fully taken over the film industry. The two weak and simplistic arguments put forward to support the primacy of color are on the one hand that the world is in color and on the other hand that the photograph was black and white because it could not be made in color. The naivety of the second observation was already answered above. As for the first… But the world is D the shooting angle should be ​​degrees the world also has sounds and smells. If we look for all these in art then we will probably end up in Disneyland.

Illustrator Art Work

What some photographers

The two weak and simplistic arguments put forward to support CE Leads the primacy of black and white are on the one hand that it is more artistic and on the other hand that it is less identified with reality. But the desired abstraction and artistic value cannot be related to the tools but only to their use. While on the other hand abstraction in photography acquires artistic content the closer it is to reality. What some photographers fear in the case of color is firstly the greater verisimilitude of color which chains them to the nightmare of simple mechanical printing secondly its kinship with for some dangerous but also allpowerful advertising photography and thirdly the degradation of photography in front of the also colored and with greater titles of nobility painting.

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