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There are a large number of Inbound Marketing metrics that can be chosen to measure the behavior or results of a strategy. In this content we will teach you which ones you should focus on and how to analyze them to achieve the expected results. Editor Rock Content May 23, 19 | 5 min read inbound marketing metrics When we say that there are many, it is because there really are too many, and they are related to SEO, leads, downloads, clicks, comments, shares and other aspects and indicators that are part of Inbound Marketing . Not tracking metrics related to these areas leads to wrong or late decisions, but don’t worry!


We Have Prepared This Article So That You Know Specifically

Which indicators you have to monitor and, consequently, you can detect if the strategy is generating the impact that your company needs. Let’s do it! Main Inbound Marketing german phone number Metrics Although there are many Inbound Marketing metrics and it is difficult to explain them all in a single material, there are some that stand out for their usefulness in strategies with different objectives. Therefore, it is necessary that you know them immediately. Here we will share 5 of them! 1. Organic traffic, conversion to leads and potential customers When a user finds your website without following paid campaigns, emails, and referring sites, among other methods, it’s called organic traffic.

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In Addition to Evaluating the Number of People Who

Reach your page in this way, you have to measure the conversion to leads . In this way you will be able to determine if your. Publications, linked links, social networks and the blog. In general are generating the expected impact. In your inbound campaign, specifically through the content. Marketing strategy . 2. Engagement over reach the numbers about the reach of your .Posts on facebook, instagram, twitter, blogs or leads. Can confuse some about the impact it generates. This is nothing more than the audience. Size of your posts. But, the fact that these people follow your. Accounts, blogs or are on your email marketing list means. That they do feel affinity with your brand and its content, and that’s. great!

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