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In general, we would say that the three decision-making systems and in this order to obtain the greatest benefit and the least risk in any foreseen or unforeseen situation are: data-driven decision making. Decision making under risk analysis and critical processes. Intuitive decision making . Data-driven decision making it is the model that today is implementd above all at a technological level. Using data patterns and information relate to the results obtaine from. The application of mathematical models through resolution by algorithms.

This artificial and automated intelligence process produces good results. Mainly due to the relationship that exists between repetitive actions and the Estonia phone numbers statistics. Applied to said actions. Although it is a model that cannot be applied in all business environments. Since it requires an infrastructure created for this purpose, if we can somehow record, process and develop possible solutions to problems or repetitive issues within the companies of each


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It must be borne in mind that this decision-making system is. A substitute for the following two since, after all, these solutions base on mathematical models. Are limite by the use of data. In my opinion, it is a decision-making model to be taken into account in any case. But above all I find it interesting to take it into account for the first phases of traditional decision-making. Which the phase of information and evaluation of options can be favor by the enrichment of these data. Decision making under risk analysis and critical processes in this model. What is mainly done is to work on the hypotheses that can be created in cases in which the strategic. Processes have certain critical processes implicit that can compromise the company’s results.

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In this case, said critical processes contain a series of risks, which although sometimes are not so obvious. We must take into account through a good analysis of them and, of course. Have control systems in place to mitigate said risks inherent in the operations that we must undertake. Therefore, for me, this model would be within the models integrate. What we would call tactical reasoning models, the most complete, since it contains the data-base decision-making model. Seen above and, on the other hand, it allows us to analyze other variables such as risks. Damage or the probability of damage and repair in the event of poorly structured decisions.

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Intuitive decision making Although this model does not fall within the tactical reasoning models, it can be includ in some of the phases of said models, such as the phase of evaluation and implementation of the decision and preparation of the action plan. Let us remember that the business environment and ecosystem in which we operate in times of Covid19 is typified as a VUCA environment and therefore intuitive decisions are what we must make when the previous two do not allow us to decide neither in time nor in form.

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