What is a KPI Afghanistan Phone Number

A key performance indicator, or KPI (for its acronym in English. Key Performance Indicator) is a value used to evaluate the performance and progress. Obtained in relation to a previously set objective.

These indicators function as small milestones that measure the performance of key aspects in relation to the result you hope to achieve. That is why they are very useful in digital marketing campaigns.

The idea of ​​this measurement is to follow up and obtain a clear perspective of a specific action. This will allow you to make specific improvement decisions in order. To increase the productivity of your company.

Requirements that a good KPI must meet

Although there are many indicators depending on the area and the type of company. A good KPI must have some necessary characteristics to fulfill its function:

1. They must measure key aspects

2. Be values ​​that are easy to understand

3. Provide relevant data

4. Align with specific objectives

5. Help promote improvements

Always keep in mind that a good performance indicator should. Provide data that will help you to evaluate the performance (of whatever it is you Afghanistan Phone Number are measuring) based on whether or not the objective was achieved in the allotted time.




Types and examples of key performance indicators

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Key performance indicators are very diverse and may vary depending on the area in which they are use, however. Many share common characteristics that can be groupe into the following types

Input: input indicators are used to measure the necessary resources, both financial and material and human , to carry out some process, for example: number of employees, budget for projects or available machinery.

Output: they measure the aspects related to the result of some process, such as: finished products, profits, clients obtained, among others.

Process: they are those that evaluate the behavior and effectiveness of the activities and procedures themselves . For example: calls made, emails sent, production times, sales times, time to complete a delivery order, customer service time, etc.

Quantitative: they are indicators that compare any objective numerical value , such as: number of qualified leads, sales volume, response times, etc.

Qualitative: Qualitative indicators measure subjective aspects, since they are based on the opinions of employees or customers, properties or traits . For example: the percentage of orders delivered on time speaks of the quality of your service or if there have been returns -or not- in the week.




Leadership: are those that measure those actions or activities that have a significant impact on future performance and are use to make long-term predictions. For example, the receptivity of the public towards new products or new advertising campaigns.

Laggards: They evaluate the history of past events, this can include both positive and negative events that the company has had. They are use to measure the level of success or failure of a process or strategy after a stipulated time. For example: number of accounts payable, level of growth in annual sales, total number of incidents.

Financial: they deal with evaluating everything related to economic values , such as: cash flow, net profit margin, gross profit margin, among others.


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