What is the most Poland Phone Number

The most cost-effective method of generating leads is to combine a well. Optimized website for search engine optimization, off-page. SEO, and content marketing.

You must be wondering: what about social networks. LinkedIn, ads on Google or Facebook, retargeting…? Why am I discarding them!?

The reality is that I do not rule them out. They are useful depending on the sector, objectives and audience of a company and, in most inbound marketing strategies . It is necessary to combine several tactics that allow the project to be successful.


Paid ads vs “the triad”

When you use ads (paid advertising) on ​​Google, social networks. LinkedIn and other digital media. You always depend on assets that do not belong to you. They can adjust prices at any time. They can block or suspend your ads, anything can happen. You have no control over them.

On the other hand, as much as you try to optimize your campaigns. Year after year you will have to pay more to generate more demand. This is not necessarily a bad thing, since it allows you to obtain prospects in a relatively short period of time , but it does not allow you to be scalable: as your sales go up, your costs will also go up, always.




Unlike when you build a well-optimized website, you do off-page SEO and content marketing that, at first, you don’t see results. Depending on how much competition there is and how well they are doing on search engines like Google, it may take a few months to start generating more leads and sales.


The advantage with these three tactics is that as time goes by, you create more content that addresses the doubts of your potential clients and you optimize your website, the results will far exceed the results of paid ads.


For example, with one of our clients, you can see that, in the beginning, almost everything came from ads:

But as time passed, around 7-8 months, the Poland Phone Number demand generated from organic traffic had already surpassed that from paid advertising on Google.

Organic social media efforts vs “the triad”

Poland Phone Number
Poland Phone Number

To be honest, the business model of Facebook, Instagram and most social networks, including LinkedIn, is that you pay them to advertise. Your organic efforts may bear some fruit, depending on whether you are B2B or B2C; but it would take much longer than with well-executed organic efforts on Google.

Of course, it also depends on the level of competition that exists in a certain sector, but until now, in our experience, “the triad” has always been more profitable than other types of actions in an inbound marketing strategy.

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