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The problem is that, in many ways, a certain degree of ignorance prevails around the subject. Knowing the basics and good implementation practices will help. Your company continue to function successfully and. Above all, your collaborators can get the most out of remote work.

What is the Home Office or Telecommuting?

It is a type of work through which a professional. Can carry out their work activities from home or a location other than the company’s office.

This term is also used, in some countries. To refer to the work of independent professionals whose personal and business address is the same.

Nowadays, we commonly refer to this activity as home office, remote work or telecommuting.

It is possible thanks to modern technology. Since many business activities can be carried out with access to a computer and a good internet connection.

This entails advantages for companies and their collaborators, which I will tell you about below.


Advantages of remote work

There are two ways to approach it, from the perspective of the collaborator and from the perspective of the company, and although they are closely related, I Argentina Phone Number want to share both sides of the coin with you.


5 Benefits of home office for the company

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  1. Lower cost of electricity, services and even equipment: depending on the specific modality and the days in which remote work is applie, your company will reduce its energy expenditure by having less computer equipment, heating or cooling and services such as water on. drinkable and purified.
  2. Greater job retention: telecommuting offers many benefits to staff and this will be reflect in the time they want to stay in your company. Having less staff turnover always implies lower cost and stable growth. This is one of the ways in which SMEs can compete with large companies and balance the balance, since in salaries and other benefits, they may not be equal.
  3. Access to a wider range of professional resumes: by having home office vacancies, your company can access professionals with better resumes, more prepared and even cheaper than those you could find in the geographical area where your business is located.

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