It should be noted that Ji Kang is much younger than He was born in the early years of Cao Pi Huang

However, the genuine “Ren of Wei”. Ruan Ji’s enlightenment education was still dominated by Confucianism. But not Ji Kang. There are many wonders in the setting of the Seven Sages of the Bamboo Forest, and it is unknown whether it will work well in the end. The first question is “time”. Except for Ruan Xian, whose birth and , the other six have calculated values. Shan Tao was the oldest, and Ruan Ji was about five years younger than him. Liu Ling and Ji Kang are next, about 15 years old from Shan Lao. Xiang Xiu is Wang Rong is the last, 25 years younger than Shan Tao. Wang Rong was born in the last years of Cao Rui.

That is to say, if this person wants to

join the idol group, the fastest time is the beginning and the end of the year, when the first wave of metaphysical thinking led by Xiahou Xuan is about to collapse politically. Therefore, in the classification of Wei and Jin metaphysics, the Morocco Phone Number time when the Bamboo Forest School became the mainstream is the second phase, five years after the change of Gaopingling. Perhaps we can be more precise: the era of noble villagers. There is some meaning to these points in time.

First of all, the academic and political ideas of the

Zhulin School and Xiahouxuan, He Yan, and Sima Shi are inevitably different. Although it is only a rough look, the Bamboo Forest faction represented by Ruan Jijikang is clearly the real “Laozhuang” faction. Xiahouxuan and others sought the Morocco Phone Number guidance of Taoism in Confucianism. That is to say, after the Han Dynasty used Confucianism to conduct a very large-scale social experiment, a major chaos occurred. The Wei Dynasty, which gradually reduced the chaos, proposed the concept of adding Taoism to adjust

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