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Everything we read must also have a photo. Some foreign publications have understood this and are now putting a photo in the article that may not be directly related to its subject i.e. it does not show the face. DL Goes to symbolic photography. PR It goes to the symbolic it goes to a photo that alludes. On top of that this photo has no meaning anymore since the television image exists. It’s over how photography came and changed painting. Television came and changed and it must change the photo reportage. Now there’s something else we’ve been living a rule of reportage for the last years and well meaning photographers will tell you something has changed. Nothing changed. The wars after Vietnam are all photographed no one has stopped.

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I feel very sorry for those who are killed I think their death is Ghost Mannequin Effect unjust Syria will not change Belgrade’s fashion is over its fashion is over. So now a a journalist will not go to a country. It’s out no one will buy it DL Not selling. PR It doesn’t sell. No one will buy his photo people.  So I would like I would ask this from the journalists and the directors of the publications not from the photographers to get rid of this stress of information because it is no longer unnecessary it is tiring and in fact since it has overwhelmed all the media it does not affect and nobody.

Ghost Mannequin Effect

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In other words even the most tragic photo the soldier who cries CE Leads for his friend the mother who cries for the child we spend it with a mithridatism that is like Mithridates who took poison so that he would not be poisoned so that his body would get used to it this is what we have suffered now. DL You are right. PR And one more thing. The form the form in every photo has something to do with the content. You can’t photograph a child who is starving and dying in Africa and with the wide angle kneel down to create depth and volume let’s not go crazy. That is because the photographer went to a school and learned that he has to make forms he cannot make forms anywhere. You can’t tell me I pull out a pistol but since. Win grand had a hand I also put in a hand with.

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