Knowledge Cards is a Feature That Displays Short Answers

Rich snippets
rich snippets is a more complete version of the search results in general. In addition, it also contains the results of a review from a website. For this reason, search results are increasingly becoming more prominent in the serps.


3.3. Knowledge cards
knowledge cards is a feature that displays short answers to searched keywords. This search engine results pages feature can appear in various formats.

For example, if you type in the search “



how old is mohamed wrong” then the answer will appear without you needing to go to the website page.

Or if you want to convert from dollars to rupiah, you can type the keyword dollar to rupiah it will display the conversion column and you can Greece Phone Number input the dollar to rupiah conversion without the need to enter the website page.


3.4. Knowledge panel


knowledge panel is a serp feature that provides key information on keywords.

Greece phone number

If on mobile, this feature will be displayed at the top of the serp and on the computer it will be displayed on the right side of the screen.


3.5. Image collection
image collections or image packs will notify thumbnails of various images that are tailored to the keywords you are looking for. In general, the search engine results pages feature gives the top position in the search results.


3.6. Headlines
top stories is a feature that displays the latest articles/news and videos according to search keywords. This feature will display the image thumbnail, title, website name, and news release time.

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