Landing page how to write content that really converts?

You may be a copywriter with enough experience writing blogposts and offers like ebooks, but do you really know how to produce content for a landing page that aims to convert more and more visitors into potential customers? Valentina Giraldo June 2, 19 | 7 min read Did you find this first sentence very strange? Do not despair! If you don’t know how to write a landing page that converts, read this post where we’ll explain everything you need to know. Let’s go? But what is a landing page at the end of the day?


In a Content Marketing strategy

Landing pages are those blog pages that have the objective of converting visitors into leads or potential customers. It is through these pages that buy business email list the famous “conversions” are generated and, precisely for this reason, they are fundamental pieces for measuring the results obtained in the strategy. But for the visitor to really be interested in providing their information to your business, you must show them an attractive offer that is valuable to them — like answering their questions, for example.

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The role of the landing page is to

Make it easier for the visitor to see the value of your materials and have a real interest in downloading it, do you understand? So how do you write a landing page? To write content that truly converts, the writer must, in addition to promoting the sale, attract readers to each point of the content with the intention of generating the conversion itself, buying a product or service, downloading an e-book or subscribing to a webinar. , among many other examples. While blogs and ebooks demand more from writers in terms of content size and number of characters, text for landing pages restricts the work to much less space.

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