Larry Page Invests in New Zealand in Exchange for Residency

By now you’ve likely heard that Larry Page. Google co-founder and one of the world’s richest businessmen. In addition, has had his application for New Zealand. Residency under a category for wealthy investors approve.


The news has reported that Page manage to enter New Zealand in January this year, while borders were close due to the ongoing pandemic. The government has responded to this by stating that he was allow in under special conditions due to a medical emergency involving his son. Both of them were in Fiji previous to entering New Zealand for medical attention.

Criticisims of the immigration process

Some members of NZ parliment have been vocal about Estonia Phone Number this incident, claiming that his entry to NZ was expedited unfairly. Some of these criticisms are fair, but again, it’s important to make a clear distinciton between the medical emergency in January, and the resdency approval in February.

Health Minister Andrew Little spoke in parliment on the former, stating that Page’s entry “met all the standard conditions of a medical emergency requiring a medical evacuation from the islands.” It’s not actually clear that this process has anything formal to do with immigration at all, as they left afterwards. The only real link is that being in the country allows his previously application to processed.

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What did he invest, and what does it mean for us?

Again however, the debate is warrante. What impact does it have on our culture to allow investors to use New Zealand as a contingency plan? There’s no real right answer to questions like this, but it pays to have the conversation.

It’s also worth noting that the money isn’t the only investment that Page will make in our country. When world-leading businesspeople decide to put down roots here, they’re also liable to bring work with them, and this has other beneficial knock-on effects, such as creating jobs.

With the renewed concern around climate change sparked by the recent IPCC report, it’s clear that every country on earth will need to adapt in radical ways, and New Zealand is no exception. Our future is garauntee to include more droughts, more flooding, and a neccessary shift away from intensive dairy farming.

In light of this context, we should consider taking all the help we can get! Rewiring an economy isn’t easy, and no one is going to enjoy it. In addition, but given the recent investments made in New Zealand. By figures like Larry Page, we may be able to leverage. Their resources to make radical changes like this. At the very least, it’s a hell of a vote of confidence.

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