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Experience to face the project Having previous professional experience is always an added value that makes the business idea turn into a company more quickly. It is an accelerator of the start-up of the project. Sometimes it is a very positive factor, other times it also generates a perversion in terms of the knowledge that you have been acquiring, a traditional way of doing things, which sometimes slows down your capacity for innovation, but always professional experience in the sector or in complementary sectors offers you a different point of view.

4 Financial analysis To determine the economic-financial viability of a project, the necessary funds to start up the business must be calculated, as Uk phone number database list well as the contributions of own and third-party capital, and the cash forecast must be developed. Calculate the expected profits through the income statement and know at all times how the company is doing through the balance sheet. A project will be viable when it makes a profit and has liquidity. Entrepreneurship is not an easy task, it requires a lot of commitment and dedication to the business project.

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At eude business school we want to give you the opportunity with our mba program to acquire. All the necessary knowledge to design a business project from the beginning and lead it successfully. This era of digital transformation, associated with the new organizational culture and business growth within a globalized and demanding market of maximum competition, organizations face energetic changes in their environment through their most important capital. People . For this reason, a new concept arises that we will deal with in this post, the emotional salary. What is emotional salary? There are many ways to make an employee feel. Well paid even if the financial reward is not very high.

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The reality is that both the way of hiring and working have changed completely in recent years. The employee seeks to feel part of a group and that an organization offers. Him more than stability and money. After this change in mentality, the emotional salary. Began to be implemented in companies. The emotional salary are all those non-monetary benefits that an organization offers its employee. Within the emotional salary we can include some aspects such as. Professional career with opportunities for promotion. And growth promotion of personal development and continuous training.

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Objectivity in job evaluation Delegation of responsibilities and team dynamics. Recognition Flexibility of schedules and work spaces culture of respect transparent communication Company culture. Values ​​and mission It is necessary to find a balance between. The economic part and other factors that bring satisfaction to what we do. That is, to facilitate and nurture, from the company culture, the values ​​that make the organization a place where people find the way to search for excellence at work, proactivity, personal growth, a feeling of belonging and projection. professional. When we talk about the ideal job, we tend to think of one that earns a good salary and that, in turn, allows personal fulfillment.

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