Learn about the 12 existing types of intelligence, their characteristics and how they influence human behavior

The 12 types of intelligence were established by the American psychologist Howard Gardner, creator of the theory of multiple intelligences. Gabriela muente may 16, 19 | 5 min read intelligence. Types intelligence is one of the characteristics most valued by all people. However, did you know that there are different types .Of intelligence? A person is not capable of being competent in all areas. This is because everyone has different kinds of intelligences that are reflected in different abilities . An example of this is the student who can get the highest mark on a math test without much effort. But he is unable to express himself properly with spontaneity, or he tries hard to dance well but has no rhythm.


The Different Types of Intelligences Give Different Abilities to Each One of

The people . Finding out what yours are is essential for you to understand what you can do better with greater skill and proactivity . So you can get more personal satisfaction uk phone number database in the activities you do if you understand what you can do better. Knowing what your innate abilities are, you will also be able to work with more dedication on those in which you do not have as much skill and thus you will be able to develop them more and more. What is the theory of multiple intelligences and who coined it? The concept of Multiple Intelligences emerged in 1983 thanks to the studies of Howard Gardner.

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Gardner Was a Psychologist Scholar and Professor at Harvard University Who

Devoted himself to investigating the cognitive abilities of the human being. With his studies, he concluded that each individual can have different types of intelligence that can be grouped into 12 different types. What are the 12 types of intelligence? 1. Verbal-linguistic intelligence This intelligence is one that allows people to easily communicate . It can be a sign language, a verbal language or a written language. This type of intelligence will facilitate communication whatever it is. The mastery of language, regardless of what it is, is the main characteristic of this type of intelligence.

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