Learn how to create an app without knowing how to program

Creating an app is not a complicated task nowadays, considering the huge number of tools and websites that allow you to develop an app in minutes. Editor Rock Content May 23, 19 | 10 min read how to create an app In the first steps of the era of digital transformation , creating an application was a desire that many companies put aside due to the need for experts for software development , since it required high investments for creation and maintenance. Now, in the more “traditional” way of developing an application, the company will have to add to its team of employees: systems analyst; designer; Web designer; programming expert; software architect; database analyst.


There is No Doubt That This Accumulation of Expenses

Involved in a project to create an app makes many companies take precautions. And although this reasoning prevails, the advancement of digital platforms is promoting how do i get a korean phone number very significant changes! Today it is quite feasible to create an application for your business (for free, even), even if you have no knowledge of codes and programming languages . If this is news to you, we infer that you are very interested in the matter, right? Thinking about it, we produced this article that contains everything you need to know to create an application for your company. Shall we start?

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Why Does Your Company Need to Create an Application

The use of mobile devices for business has become an increasingly common reality in large companies. As we know, what happens in them becomes a trend for smaller companies at some point. There are many benefits of having an application, both for the company’s collaborators and for the clients . At the end of the day, if some tasks can be simplified with a mere implementation of smartphones or tablets as work tools , why not invest in it and improve the services offered by the company? In the case of customers, why not deliver value with an alternative to make purchases or simply browse products, regardless of their location and an Internet connection being sufficient?

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