Lego Shares Building Blocks for Social Media Content Fans

The lego company which was recently named the “World’s most powerful brand” by brand finance, is a consumer goods company that makes interlocking bricks as well as a vast portfolio of movies, online videos, books and games. It is also a giant of media. Just a little. Lars silberbauer, lego’s global director of social media and search, recently told chief content officer magazine what it’s like to work for such a beloved brand and how his team engages its audience every day. We talked about how we remain flexible enough to understand and respond. Cco lego has a very diverse audience. How do you manage that complexity across all the channels you operate silberbauer our main strategy is to connect and build relationships with consumers, shoppers and fans. To that end, we’ll look at what people want to do in a particular area and how we can connect lego with that activity. It has two very important parts.

Are some channels dedicated to one segment?

People love building lego together—parents and Tongliao Phone Number List children, or children and other children. Second, people take pride in their creations. They want to share what they have created with someone else. When we engage based on these two social needs (as we call them), it takes off. Cco it’s hard to create content for kids on a channel that kids and adults use. Have you ever struggled with that problem silberbauer a very big part of the lego culture is to keep kids safe and out of harm’s way. As such, we do not involve children on digital platforms that require participants to be over the age of 1 if you meet children on your facebook page, ask them to go to a safe, controlled community staffed by professionals who undergo background checks and follow strict activity rules.

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Are you looking for a specific type of hiring?

Only engage teenagers and adults on social media. Curated CE Leads relevant content the best advice to follow for successful social media content cco are some channels dedicated to one segment silberbauer I think all the different channels need bespoke content for that channel, so be careful. That’s the ambition. In practice, creating content specifically for each channel is difficult. While we strive to use content that is appropriate for each channel’s demographic, it is not always possible. Curated relevant content 4 tips for building social momentum cco I’ve often compared social media to sailing. This means we are constantly adjusting and learning. Many marketers say the feeling of constant change makes them uneasy, but you seem to enjoy it. Really silberbauer I think it’s exciting. Being in a constant environment can be stressful. It depends on your personality but I thrive with change.

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