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Like many of you out there working on big initiatives with a small budget, marketers in the higher education industry are facing challenges right up your alley. Think back to the 2008 financial crisis when most organizations started to cut marketing spend, and Denmark Phone Number imagine living in a world where that is very much still the reality. Add to this the fact that you have one of the most distinct customers: young kids and teenagers. When we talk to Denmark Phone Number marketers from most universities, the common theme amongst them is all too consistent: students have high expectations, but universities have limited budgets.

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We what we need to be doing to reach our students. But we don’t have the funds to do it.” to “We have a little money to get things going. But there are so many options for technology. We don’t even know where to begin.” And the list goes on and on. These grievances might sound familar, as many growing organizations from different industries are looking for Denmark Phone Number ways to do more with less. Speaking with folks at AMA’s 2016 Symposium for the Marketing of Higher Education in Orlando last week gave us insight into a world that most of us take for granted.

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In this blog,  in higher education, as well as other industries. Can overcome resource-limited challenges with the right strategy and technology. When Your Brand Is Coca-Cola, but Your Budget Is Shasta In a world where big brands are everywhere. Marketers Denmark Phone Number are faced with having to recreate brand experiences. That used to be able to speak for themselves. And if they don’t, it could cost them. According to a 2015 Inside Higher Ed and Gallup survey. 58% indicated that they had not filled their fall classes by the traditional May 1 deadline. Whether you’re a Badger, Longhorn, or anywhere in between. You need to provide your audience with optimal. Denmark Phone Number experiences across the customer lifecycle to improve recruiting, increase enrollment, and engage alumni.

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