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Smartphones. In the case of the Google Assistant, it already works on Google Home as well. How fast can they get there? Let’s take a look at recent history to see how quickly consumer adoption can reach 1 billion users: It took about eight years for Facebook and smartphones to reach an installed base of 1 billion. How quickly can the highly active use of personal assistants grow to 1 billion users? Much depends on the completeness of their service offerings. I think it will happen quite quickly. The bigger question is how quickly personal assistants will become a focal point of user activity online. As more and more services are mapped to it.

This value proposition will continue to grow

And this growth in functionality will drive the level of user adoption. Each of the major players (Google, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft) is doing everything they can to make their personal assistant offerings Macedonia Phone Number as comprehensive as possible, and it is this fact that creates new opportunities for all of us as digital marketers. How can you prepare for this coming era of disruption? The first step is to connect your products and services to personal assistants. One of the easiest ways to do this is to start working with

Amazon Skills and Actions on Google

These aren’t that hard to work on, and signing up for them early will help you start learning how this world will be different. Anyone can start working with these services to create their own app to connect to Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant respectively. It’s easy to use each of them in test mode so you can debug a basic application. Once that works, you can submit your app for acceptance into their respective ecosystems.

Macedonia Phone Number

You can submit an Amazon skill for publication here and learn how to distribute your Google Actions app here. While you’re doing this, a big area to explore is conversational interfaces. The first obvious difference is that users will use more natural language when speaking a query or making a request. In the early days of voice interfaces, it will be natural to ask users questions to determine what they want. Be careful to avoid open-ended questions; Instead, learn to ask questions that get them to provide the kind of

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