Local SEO in Singapore: How to Rank 1 for Any Keyword

“The best place to hide a dead body is on the 2nd page of Google.” This couldn’t be more true for local businesses. 75% of people do not scroll past the first page of Google. That means if your business is not ranking on Local SEO, it is as good as dead.


Local SEO is a fantastic way to have more organic traffic for businesses that have a registered location and a website. You can avoid paying expensive rates for Facebook and Google advertisements by adopting a few local SEO tactics for the best outcomes.

There’s a clear difference between SEO and local SEO. While you can improve your online visibility globally with SEO, local SEO focuses on a highly targeted audience of your locality so that you have more relevant prospects visiting you for business.

“People do not buy products and services; they buy brands.”

Hence, it becomes essential to build an easily identifiable brand value. To do this, you need to establish a personal connection with your audience, and local SEO helps you achieve this. Today, you can search for a service/ product/ or a certain type of store, and the first thing that Google displays is a list of the top three search results in your area. You also get an option of clicking on “more places” only to find a whole list of relevant services with all necessary information readily available. This means by leveraging local SEO strategically you also ensure that you appear on the “local 3-pack”.

A Brief On Local 3-Pack For Beginners

Google 3-Pack is a practice adopted by Google to present the top three results against a user’s query in the local SERP results.

No one can optimize a site specifically for Google 3-Pack as the search engine automatically displays the top three results for local SERP results in the searcher’s location to make their search relevant to the location where the query is submitted.

For instance, if a user is entering a query on Google, “Restaurants near me”, Google will only show him results based on his browsing location.

However, to appear on the local 3-pack, you may optimize your web presence through a well-built GMB account and other techniques that we will be discussing in the following sections.


Importance Of Local SEO In Singapore

Almost a whopping 88% of people who use their smartphone for a local search end up either visiting or calling the place within a day. Hence, instead of searching for leads far and wide, local SEO in Singapore can help you streamline your target market, engage with nearby local customers, make quick conversions and receive relevant leads within a short period.

Local SEO becomes an essential channel of growth for different types of markets in Singapore that have just started out. Restro-bars, medical services, plumbers, electricians, law offices, and other similar services can see massive success with local SEO strategies. If these business owners get leads and visitors to their site from a different faraway location, it will bring them no conversions but a little boost in organic traffic. With local SEO, such businesses will receive not only increased traffic but also quality traffic from potential consumers in their area of business.

Top Local Search Ranking Signals Every Business Needs

There are a bunch of local search ranking signals for local SEO. If you strategically operate with these ranking factors, it will boost your SEO efforts and give you much insight as to how your website performs. `

We’ve divided these signals into two broad categories to make it easier for you to understand them better. We will also discuss these signals in greater depth.

Basic Ranking Signals

Basic ranking signals mean just what they seem to indicate. They’re basic because you have the most chances of doing well at local SEO when you focus on these simple factors.

In-depth Ranking Signals

In-depth ranking signals are more intricate and require you to pay attention to the nuances of local SEO. When you’ve dedicated the right amount of focus to the basic ones, you can now move to the in-depth local search ranking signals.

Top 3 Basic Ranking Signals For Local SEO Strategies

1. Google My Business

Google My Business is a tool for businesses to have online visibility and access more prospects. To leverage Google My Business, you have to create an account and set it up by filling in all the details. This is preceded by getting it listed. So, once you’re listed and you log in, you can fill in details.

Make sure that you add every important detail about your business- name, address, phone number (NAP), open-close hours, category of business, have your logo and appealing pictures of the office building, and a very precise description.


When your listing appears professional, you can start posting events related to your business, offers and discounts, news, etc. to keep your audience informed. One of the most useful features of GMB is the Q&A feature, which lets the audience put forth queries which you can answer. This helps you build a rapport with the audience while also adding to your SEO efforts.

When you are Google My Business, consider getting yourself listed on Google Maps. There are more than a billion people who use maps each month. This is a big number and most of them would look for the location of the business if they consider visiting.


Besides being on Google My Business, you can get yourself listed on online directories like Yelp, and have a profile on FourSquare. You can also target other directories specific to your niche or business category to reach more people from your location.

2. Optimize for Multiple Locations

Whether your business has 2 locations or 2000, it is advisable Panama Phone Number to provide this information to Google and other search engines accurately. There are a few hacks to approach this;

  1. You need location specific pages to rank in the local SERPs with an embedded Google Map. Multi-location businesses can avoid including all of their information in one master page. Rather, build separate pages for each location.

Let’s say your business has multiple locations, like ortho. Every contact page customized with descriptions of where. How to reach the business location with mentions of local landmarks will help Google. Also, with the location-specific title tags and meta descriptions. For instance, these pages have a higher potential of attracting. More location-specific ratings and reviews from its customers.

  1. Finally, ensure that all of your newly created contact pages are discoverable by Google. Submit a sitemap to Google to make your pages easily available to the crawlers. You can create XML Sitemaps for free.

3. Build Links to Each of Your Location Pages

Consider your location pages as different microsites that you can use to create relevant content. Think of setting up the URL structures like;

As we know, backlinks from other sites pointing at your site help in boosting. Your off-page efforts as part of the overall SEO strategy. To help accelerate the popularity of your location-specific pages. You can engage in a number of local activities like sponsoring local events or hosting one.

You can even consider creating content that your audience would be interested in reading and sharing. Host a blog on each microsite, then use various marketing channels like email. For instance, social media and paid to increase the reach of your content.

SEO and content marketing are inseparable; the more pages you have, the better there is an opportunity for link building.

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