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One of the first interviews I had in college was with a local money manager who was looking for a new recruit to make calls and drive business. He was specifically Iceland Phone Number looking for a phd… someone who was poor, hungry, and driven of course. I was sold by the fact that you had “unlimited upside potential.” for a soon-to-be college grad, that Iceland Phone Number sounded great. I remember asking him “where do the leads come from?” and his reply was something to the effect of “you start by calling your friends and family.” not a sophisticated strategy, but referrals were obviously effective

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I  mid-sized ria (registered investment advisor) that managed about $25 billion at the time. The job profile was similar: make calls and drive business. However, I wasn’t solely reliant on my limited network to do this. They had a database of around one million retail investors to call on and my job was to qualify them and get them interested. I was told a good rep makes two to three hundred calls a day. It took that many calls to find the one to two people Iceland Phone Number a day who could qualify for the minimum investment amount and were potentially interested. If only I knew then what I know now…

I Had Been Shown the Two Iceland Phone Number

Iceland Phone Number

Back then,  best options that asset managers had for finding new investors at the time: referrals and cold calls. Nowadays, there are much better ways to do this for the investment industry and beyond using a marketing automation platform. While the Iceland Phone Number cold call may (soon) be a thing of the past. Many asset managers are unfortunately still stuck in rut of relying heavily. If not solely, on referrals to drive business. Whether you’re at a small shop that manages a few hundred million or at a firm that manages billions. You may still be relying on antiquated Iceland Phone Number processes for driving demand. Sound familiar? You’re not alone. Small and large businesses alike face similar challenges, and financial services in general are often behind the curve when

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