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Specialize with eude business school the master’s. Mba in business administration and management from eude business school. With a duration of 9 or 12 months, depending on the modality, has as its main objective to. Prepare you as a leader to occupy positions of greater responsibility and to know all areas of. The company from a global and update vision. Likewise, you will obtain all the knowledge and. Skills necessary to undertake and lead your own project.

The eude mba program allows you to know and understand. All areas of company management with a global approach and from the perspective of business management. A training designed and prepare by managers of the best national and Bulgaria mobile phone numbers international companies. Adapt to your needs, we offer you the option of completing your mba in online, full-time face-to-face. Or executive modalities. When covid-19 broke out and change the rules by which companies. And society were govern those responsible for business management had to.

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Streamline procedures and speed up the digitization of their workforce, their processes and their operations . But leading teams remotely was so common a few months ago . The situation caused by the pandemic has allowed us to confirm the need for flexibility in the workplace . Eliminate rigidities and formalities to improve work-life balance and facilitate a way of developing the employee’s professional activity that is better integrate with his or her private sphere and with his or her day-to-day life. The “new normality” gives us the opportunity to experience changes, introduce improvements and maintain the good practices implement during the months of confinement .

Bulgaria Mobile Phone Numbers

From now on, the business world has to adapt to a more flexible work organization and, among other things, to the need to lead teams from a distance . 3 tips for leading remote teams Optimize communication tools Productivity experts will tell you that the best way to ensure a remote participant is fully engage during a meeting is to link up via video conference. Otherwise, the employees will simply take the call while doing other things.

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Email is by far the most popular, but is considere by some to be the least efficient way to communicate . There are some tools that allow you to improve communication and hold meetings with employees: Slack: it is a chat that is use for daily communication with the employee. Zoom: the video tool that improves the quality of remote meetings. HangOuts: This Google application combines the chat function with video calls. Skype: This is a good solution for those who need to hold meetings remotely. Trello: It is a very popular tool to facilitate the organization of tasks.

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