Museum of Brands: How Companies Tell Their Stories

As brands explore new ways to tell their stories, some are finding value in creating brand museums that showcase their company’s history and heritage. Whether in a dedicated space in a flagship store or global headquarters, or in a stand-alone venue such as the harley-davidson museum in milwaukee or the mercedes-benz museum in germany, nostalgic on-site visitor experiences can be an effective form of content marketing. A nostalgic onsite visitor experience can be an effective form of content marketing, says dawn papandrea. Click to tweet “heritage fits very well with the audience,” said managing client strategy and development for history factory, a heritage management agency that recently helped launch a number of projects, including the new balance global.

New Balance Global Headquarters

Headquarters visitor engagement centre and museum Estonia Phone Number List exhibits. Director jason dressel said. “There’s a reason we have ‘throwback thursday’ and ‘flashback friday’ on social media. People respond positively to this kind of content,” he says. Legacy does well with audiences. There’s a reason social media has tbt history factory. Click to tweet the idea is to preserve and promote heritage as a competitive advantage by creating meaningful connections with visitors. As dressel puts it, “If you have an opportunity to enhance and tell your story, why not take advantage of it” att’s jonathan lander, director of visual merchandising and retail brand marketing, said under his oversight, the brand recently launched a journey of innovation environment at its chicago flagship.

Estonia Phone Number List

Marathon of planning and content discovery

Store You just don’t want a pat on the back when CE Leads you do something like this. You have to be very careful to show how it helps not only yourself, but your consumers and the world.” ’ he says. Let’s take a closer look at how att and new balance have looked back. In time to effectively tell their brand story, and what. Went into these content-rich projects. Curated relevant content live experiences reinvent how customers interact with brands project new visitor engagement centre opened september 16, 2015 when new balance began building its new global headquarters in boston, plans included a visitor engagement centre within the atrium that would appeal to a wide variety of people. “we knew our visitors would include athletes, global collaborators and even customers. Christine madigan, vice president of leadership, said. The goal was to focus on the company’s.

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