New Year, New You: Refresh Your Digital Marketing Strategy

With 2020 finally behind us and a new year of prospects ahead. In addition, it’s the perfect time to refresh our digital marketing strategies. Through our research covering the latest digital marketing trends and technology. In addition, we reveal the digital marketing innovations. We predict will dominate marketing strategies in 2021 and beyond.

Conversion Marketing

Across new MarTech (Marketing Technology) innovations, conversion marketing is a common feature. In addition, considered by many to be a central pillar within effective digital marketing practices. It is used to prompt customers who visit a company’s website. To ‘take action’ by ‘converting’ online window-shoppers into paying customers.

Is this tactic something you should consider including in your new digital marketing strategy? We think so. To elaborate, let’s create a hypothetical situation.


Let’s say a company has recently set up an online business. They are gaining traffic, they’ve put effort into quality external advertising, and their search optimisation shows good results. The only problem is that their online sales continue to be below the expected mark. If this is a problem for you, conversion marketing may be the thing your company is lacking.

To ensure that your conversion strategies are optimise for your business needs, make sure to identify which type of purchasing processes your customers use most. After this, you will be able to devise a strategy with tactics tailored to increase your conversion rate.

The Rise of Personification

While many have heard of the term ‘personalisation’ within the realm of digital marketing, ‘personification’ is a relatively new concept. Created by Gartner as an alternative to personalisation, the term was coined in response to business marketing suffering from a “bad case of mislabelling.”

While personalisation helps some businesses Norway Phone Number cater to the needs and preferences of their customers, the term creates the impression that businesses need to personally identify individual buyers, who in many cases prefer to remain anonymous. Consequently, when taken at face-to-face value, personalisation has shown to cause problems with regulators and privacy advocates who claim that these ads and websites identify users, consenting or not.

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We predict that the use of personification within digital marketing will continue to rise, as businesses adapt their model to one that makes customers feel included and considered within a demographic, while also safe and assured of their privacy. This brings us to the next point.

Customer Segmentation

Customer segmentation is related to the personification in that the latter is use to divide large audiences into segments. However, it is not a new trend, but it is a popular one, and for good reason.

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