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The autumn months are the time of the year in which there is more demand for work . Taking as a reference a study carried out by Randstad , 28% of Spaniards consider changing jobs after the holidays. When looking for a job, the personal interview is the determining factor for most companies. However, a survey by this same company reveals that 4 out of 5 candidates fail to overcome them. Resume of no more than two pages, updated contact information.

There are many tips to pass the pre-selection process, but when we are in front of the interviewer, every word counts. To face the interview with more calm and security, from EUDE Business School, we bring you below a series of tips to follow to be Cameroon phone number in this type of situation. Recommendations for a job interview 1 Research the job and the company You should always go to the companies where you have the job interview, knowing as much as possible about the company and the job you are applying for.

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This will help you to know exactly the job you are looking for, and to show the interviewer that you are a prepared person, that you already know how the company works, and that you take seriously the opportunity that they are offering you. 2 Learn your resume It is not just about learning the dates or the courses you have done. This learning consists of finding an answer to everything that may have created doubts for the interviewer. Some examples are, who wants to know why you have not worked for a year, why you lasted so little time in your last job, etc.

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All these questions must have a reasonable answer, so it is necessary to invest time in finding an answer to any doubt that may arise from our curriculum. 3 Prepare to convince During the job interview you must demonstrate your interest, your passion for that job. That it really is what you are looking for, convince the recruiter that you are passionate about that position, that your preparation makes you the perfect person for him and that if they hire you, you will give everything for the company. 4 Ask your own questions Memorize a list of questions you would like to ask in the interview.

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And during it, also ask questions that arise, or point them out to ask at the right time. Your questions must be worked on, you cannot ask the first thing that comes to your mind or ask things that were already made clear in the job offer. 5 Be grateful for the opportunity Say goodbye to the interviewer thanking the opportunity they have given you, try to smile and look him in the eye. You must give her a handshake, and say goodbye to her with a state of mind as positive as the one you had when you greeted her for the first time. Ask for their contact details, perhaps a business card.

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