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On October 7, 2020, the European Parliament endorsed climate neutrality by 2050 and increased the emission reduction target to 60% by 2030 compared to 1990 levels . MEPs called on the Commission to set an additional interim target for 2040 to ensure progress towards the goal. Specialize with EUDE Our Master in Renewable Energies and Energy Management will allow you to develop your professional career by specializing in an area in which the best companies in the sector are increasingly involved.

In addition, this will help you enhance your profile, acquiring a highly professional value as an expert in Renewable Energies . Likewise, this Master France mobile number database is designed so that, with real and practical knowledge, you can assume responsibilities related to the environmental issue, more specifically in the field of renewable energies. In the times in which we live, there are already many people who have reoriented their careers and who have found that profession that has made them feel more fulfilled. However, there are also many people who for some reason or circumstance do not dare to take the first steps to change the course of their working life.

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This is normal, reinventing yourself professionally is a path that at first. Glance seems to be full of risk and uncertainty. If you are one of those who are in this situation right now. You can be very clear that it will not always have to be this way. At eude business school. We have compiled the main keys to reinventing yourself professionally with confidence and courage. So that your decision is the right one from the first minute. Here ‘s everything you need to keep in mind. Recommendations to reinvent yourself professionally 1 think there are no limits. Reinventing yourself professionally is a challenge that is usually accompanied by limiting thoughts.

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Many of them have been instilled by society and many others by the environment of each person. However, if you realize that you work more than 8 hours. A day on something that does not satisfy you or that bores you too much, you can consider turning. Your professional life around. But we know that this radical change is not exempt from limiting thoughts, such as. What will they think of me? Will they reject me for wanting to take a different path? Without a doubt. These are thoughts that you have to avoid to start living a new professional life.

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Analyze your SWOT matrix Something very useful is to assess the weaknesses, threats, strengths and opportunities that you have, both personally and professionally. Based on this analysis you can discover what characteristics you have that differentiate you from others. This will help you find that profession that might fit you the most and towards which you could direct your professional career. 3 Find out what you want to do It is important that you do not choose the first profession that you think may fit you based on your skills. Before betting on it, think: is this what I really want to dedicate myself to or am I just conforming? Is it a profession according to my values?

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