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Take advantage and send a letter of thanks in which you reiterate your interest in the position. A job interview is a difficult moment for anyone, not only for candidates, but also for human resources professionals who must manage talent according to the needs of the employee and the company. At EUDE Business School we have a Master’s Degree in Human Resources, Management and People Management, to train leaders and specialists who provide solutions to attract talent.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic , our homes have become offices, a new teleworking space. Thus, the dining room or bedroom became the work area . But there are key elements to achieve a comfortable, pleasant place adapted to work. In this post Cayman islands phone numbers we will talk about some tricks to create an ideal teleworking space. Create your teleworking space The current world situation caused by Covid-19 has forced us to modify our customs and adapt to different modalities of work, study and entertainment . Many companies, in order to continue their activity and mitigate the effects of the crisis, have asked their employees to work from home.

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Comfortable and functional space first of all, choose the place where you are going to settle well. Think that it will be where you will usually work. So you must take into account that it be a space with little noise and without distractions. In addition, it has to be as comfortable and functional as possible. Some items that will be key to achieving a functional workspace are. Computers and devices with a good internet connection, an ergonomic chair that adapts. The body and can be adjusted, an extended and spacious table that can house the necessary. Equipment and accessories. For telecommuting.

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Good lighting and quiet space good lighting prevents you from making. Great efforts with your eyes to be able to read, so it is recommended that you work with natural light. Or incorporate a good source of artificial light into the workspace. When we talk about a quiet space. We mean a place in the house that is as far away as possible from noise and distractions, such as television. Kitchen… Give it a personal touch to liven up the working days, we can include some. Details that give personality to our teleworking space. A plant, a poster. Motivating phrases and photographs are some ideas.

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The goal is to make the person feel as comfortable as possible. In short, it is about combining creativity and good taste , the objective is to make the teleworking space a pleasant and pleasant place. Health, comfort and productivity will depend on how we design this telecommuting position . At EUDE Business School we know the importance of adapting to market demands and knowing how to lead and manage work teams in new situations. For this reason, with our Master’s Degree in Human Resources, Management and People Management, students will be able to have the necessary tools to successfully lead the human resources strategy in any company.

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